spot on.

by Rebecca Reekie

Spots and blemishes are such a common skin care concern, but with so many different products and ranges that claim to banish them for good, it’s difficult to know what to go for. I wanted to share with you some of the best tried and tested products that really do what they say on the tin, as well as some useful tips and techniques to help you get the flawless skin you dream of.


I use Clinique anti blemish solutions cleansing foam, £15.50, twice a day. Using 3-4 pumps of product, massage into your face for a good minute before rinsing, as the gentle massage will help to decongest blemish prone skin. I highly rate this product; it deeply cleanses without drying, reduces the size and inflammation of existing blemishes and prevents future ones from forming. Result!

Everyone has those days where you wake up with a monster zit on your face that you could really do without. These days call for Benefit Boo Boo Zap, £13.50. Dab this invisible medicated formula onto your blemishes to instantly reduce redness and speed up healing time. I use this just twice a day but you can apply as often as you need throughout the day.

No7 Beautiful Skin Purifying Mask, £12.50, is a truly amazing product that will help banish your blemishes for good. This exfoliating mask heats up on contact with the skin to draw out zit causing impurities and bacteria. It is recommended that you use this product once a week, however I use it every other day and I have found I break out much less frequently, existing blemishes disappear faster and scarring from previous spots fade fast. A miracle product for sure!

Mineral oil is a known comedogenic ingredient, so an oil free moisturiser is a must for hydration for blemish prone skin. I recommend Freederm Perfecting Moisturiser, £6.49. This one is purse friendly and does a great job at treating and preventing blemishes as well as providing lightweight hydration. Win win!

Although the right skin care regime is vital for creating a flawless complexion, the right makeup is equally important; wearing a foundation or concealer that is full of mineral oils and parabens is going to undo all of that hard work your skin care products have done. I suggest makeup that treats as well as covers your problem skin.

Seventeen On The Spot Foundation, £6.99, and Concealer £4.99, conceals and treats spots with a dose of salicylic acid. It promises clearer skin in 4 weeks, and I have to say after using these products for just two weeks I have seen a major improvement in my skin.

For those of you who find treatment makeup too drying or too harsh, seek out an oil free foundation. Benefit have just launched a brand new oil free, non-comedogenic, oil and moisture balancing foundation (phew!) called the Big Easy, £27.50. It has an amazing medium to full coverage with a matte, liquid to powder finish. Have you got yours yet?

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