not much more than a suitcase and a dream bound for new york.

by Daniela Taliangis 

“If I can make it there I’ll make it any where” are the famous words of Frank Sinatra from New York, New York. How far would you go to make your dreams happen and give it your all? Katy Tunbridge does not have stars in her eyes, she has a wild passion and motivation to pursue her dream of song writing and recording. From a tender age she knew exactly what she wanted to do, so much so that she would spend up to 4 hours a day practicing on her guitar and working on her vocal ability. Katy in the interview acknowledges “I grew up just wanting to do music and would play guitar and sing everyday.”

This kind of commitment takes a lot of will power and focus that certainly comes with its tests and trials, but overall the end result is achieving the dream.What happens biologically when you do an action or a task repetitively? Neuroscientists had taken no interest in a white substance called ‘myelin’ which is composed of many communication cables that are called axons. It has been found that with many hours of practise over time it can actually strengthen the outer layer of the axons with myelin, therefore making the neurons fire more rapidly and quicker making the learning experience stronger. There is no mistaking that Katy has some serious myelin growing on her axons. What makes a girl with a supportive family, growing up on the Northern Beaches of beautiful Sydney leave it all and basically sell everything she owns and takes her two suitcases to begin her journey? “Some say it is insanity, but for me it was a passion to follow my dreams,” Katy says.

To follow your dreams must include a degree of passion, but I think from this story it also includes the strength to keep going when tough times meet you. Katy goes on to say, “It feels like you’re in the boxing ring and the punches keep coming at you, but you know that they are always gonna call a time out, even if you get to the lowest of lows which I have.” Katy talks about the heat, drawing everything out allowing space for something new. For Katy she appreciated the refinement stages she had to go through, like a piece of pure gold. Katy found her purpose and she held onto what she loved the most, singing. A chance at winning a Green Card Lottery brought her to the land of dreams, New York. Starting with nothing, sure she was frustrated but the most exciting thing was that she actually took the step in making her dream a reality.

Pure determination and stamina has lead Katy to believing and there’s no stopping her now. The lessons of life, understanding that there is a perfect time and place for things to happen, wise words for Katy include “know your limits.” She knows if she has to work overtime at work, she will give herself a day off enjoying reading, listening to music and podcasts.

Katy is embracing the good with the bad because her outlook on life is very different, her brain is wired in acknowledging that there is something bigger out there for her to pursue. She writes down her goals, where she wants to be, what she wants to be. Writing new music every week, Katy has scored herself a great producer and working on her debut album.

Here are some ways you can magnify your purpose and get a clearer direction.

1. Write down the goal, be serious and don’t hold back

2. Get an upgrade in skills for the goal you want to attain. Nothing comes without hard work and learning new skills will help.

3. Close you circle of influence and cut off some bad relationships that have stopped you from moving forward in your dream.

4. Prepare yourself mentally for when things get tough, have words of affirmation that can be spoken over you.

5. Create a vision board, clippings, and pictures, words that sum up your dream and where you want to be.

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