create the impossible.

By Daniela Taliangis 

Humanity is naturally born to discover and unravel the mystery of how things work and how to create the impossible.

Past research has claimed that solitude bubbles up and generates creativity and allows the mind to explore, ignite and draw forth ideas that could change the world. This can be liberating and energizing, therefore spending more time alone helps improve concentration and your academic studies, which definitely helps you.

What is it about the mind and function of creativity? How do inventors, musicians and artists produce renowned works that leave us speechless and wondering?

What intensity was involved in creating such masterpieces?  Some might even say what studies were pursued or teaching was required to reach such levels of genius?

You see, it all begins with a thought or a question. Isaac Newton wanted to know why light formed colours, yet being a scholar student at Cambridge wasn’t where he got his answer. Would you believe that during that period a deadly plague was penetrating throughout England, and it was not safe to be around people. As a direct result, he had no choice but to go back to his hometown, the quiet countryside. This time of solitude lasted for  over two years, giving him a new take on light and the production of colours. His most important thinking happened then, not while at college with his peers having discussions and debates. It was in his solitude that his discoveries made him famous.


Have you ever found that in your journey you feel like you have been taken back and made to experience that time of solitude to think, create and it looks like all around you everything has stopped and you’re not moving forward?

This where something great can happen, this is where the impossible can be created.  Surrender and let creativity take over, the answers to your questions will come to your mind.

Lets look at some ways at how we can have a time of solitude.

1)  Be an early riser and let your day begin on a positive.

2)  Meditate in a quiet place, where you feel peace

3)  Focus on the question you have.

4)  Have pen and paper handy to draw or jot down information as it comes to you.

5)  Don’t let negative thoughts take over your thinking.

6)  Remember…. You are original and unique there is no wrong answer.

I’ll leave you with this quote by a famous composer:

‘Isolated from other composers and trends in music until the later part of his long life, he was, as he put it, “forced to become original”’ – Joseph Hayden

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