you’re pretty, for a big girl.

by Sophie O’Reilly 

So, who has heard this before?

In daily life when we get told this, we would reply politely with a thank you. Everyone is unique and has something beautiful about them. But why can’t it just be a simple compliment of ‘you’re pretty’. Why do they have to add ‘for a big girl’?


We don’t say ‘you’re pretty for a short person’ or ‘you’re pretty for a tall person’ and so on, so why is this acceptable?

These days the majority of people seem to think that you can’t be pretty or attractive unless your slim. This is absurd. You can be attractive at ANY size. Being larger is no more a specified preference than being brunette or having lighter skin.

When people say to you ‘oh you have such a nice face, imagine what you would look like if you were slimmer.’

Woah! Wait a minute … No one would say to a slimmer person that they have a nice face, but it would look nicer if they were bigger.

I look nice now, at the size I am. I am happy now, at the size I am. Deal with it.

We all have preferences on who we find attractive; that’s just life. Some people think that they have to find everyone on the planet attractive; some people feel the need to fit the desires of everyone on the planet. Some people that feel the need to say comments they think will annoy us, clearly have issues with themselves and think it will make them feel better. Someone telling me I’m fat makes me laugh. Do they expect me to get upset or something?

So what? YES I am fat, and I am loving life, what is your point? It’s like they can’t accept that we are happy being big. It’s silly. It would be like me saying comments to random people I don’t know, I just wouldn’t do that so why do they feel it is okay to do so just because I’m big. If you don’t find us attractive that’s fine, there are others that do so please have some decency and behave like a human being.

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