time to face the islam.

by Danielle Kent

During a recent conversation, I was confused to hear someone be described as ‘looking like a Muslim’. Of course, I knew what they were alluding to, but I decided to persevere and ask what exactly a Muslim looked like? In the same way that people stereotype gay men as being Louis Spence, society seems quick to stereotype Muslims as looking like this:


It isn’t any more possible to look like a Muslim than it is to look like someone whose favourite colour is green. Muslims make up around one quarter of the world population. It is possible for someone to look Pakistani, Indian, Afghan, Nigerian, Malaysian, British and a range of other ethnicities and countries of origin, but this doesn’t correlate to religion.



Every person displayed on this page is Muslim. Some are Asian, some are black, some are white, some are female, some are male, some are American, some are French, some are Afghan. Some are actors, some musicians, some footballers. Most, no one knew they were Muslim. Why? Because they don’t all ‘look Muslim’.

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