dirty looks hair extensions.

by Danielle Kent

A few years ago, in a haze of extreme misjudgement, I cut off all of my long hair. The aftermath consisted of an obsession with hair extensions, which I virtually relied on until my hair had grown past the awkward stage where it has absolutely zero style, but is too short to try and incorporate any style into it unless you’re Charlize Theron. Thankfully, my hair grows really fast and within a few months I could rid myself of clip-in extensions. Ever since, I have loved the length of my natural hair when it is down, but I never wear it up in a ponytail because while my hair is naturally quite thick, being in a ponytail leaves it looks limp, thin and in bad condition – something that I know many girls have a problem with when wearing their hair up. After receiving a number of requests asking about which hair extensions I would recommend, I was delighted when Abigail from Dirty Looks Hair Extensions asked me if I would like to review their Bobby Glam Wrap Around Ponytail. I was really impressed by their dedication to getting the closest possible match to my own hair colour! which is a very light blonde. I selected the 90’s Blonde shade, however after sending a selection of photos of myself in various lighting, Abigail suggested that I try the Paparazzi Highlighted shade.


They were delivered to me very quickly and I couldn’t wait to try out the item. I had only ever used one clip-in ponytail before and I found it very difficult to use and conceal, it was heavy and uncomfortable on my head and it itched terribly despite having paid a high price for it. I hoped that the Dirty Looks product would be the perfect solution, and it definitely was. The ponytail came in a sealed bag inside the exterior packaging, which also contained a personal note from the company, instructions for care and use as well as a lollipop. I was astounded by the quality of the hair, but from experience I knew that hair extensions generally feel perfect for the first few days and then eventually become worn and dried out. I feel confident in this ponytail because unlike hair extensions I have used in the past, no hair fell out at all when I brushed it. Once you unpack it and understand how it works, it is easy to use; you simply use the incorporated clip to slide beneath your existing ponytail and then wrap the rest of the hair around using the Velcro strap. There is then another section of hair that you can use to conceal the Velcro.


These photos don’t do the hair justice at all; in reality it looks a lot more natural and the colour matches exactly. The hair is very, very long so I am taking it to hairdressers to get it cut to a more natural length, however this is definitely not a disadvantage because you can work with the hair to create the length that you want. I have kept the ponytail in my hair all day and I have completely forgotten that it was there, it is really comfortable and not heavy at all despite the length and thickness of it.


Thank you to everyone at Dirty Looks for sending me this hair piece and allowing me to review it. You can buy Dirty Looks hair extensions directly from www.dirtylooks.com. I tested the Bobby Glam Wrap Around Ponytail, which retails at £49.99 and can be bought here. All opinions in this review are my own and I was not paid to write this article.


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