beauty and the blog.

by Danielle Kent 

Talking about yourself is terribly generic yet awfully self-satisfying. Sometimes I doubt whether or not narcissism is even a real concept and if, in reality, those who supposedly suffer from it are actually victim to their own passions (this is coming from the girl who has a website about her own life). Yet even I have grown accustomed to the look in people’s eyes when they ask ‘what I’ve been up to’ (what time scale are we talking, by the way – what have I been up to in … my life?) or ‘what kinds of things I like’ and then once the list reaches about the fourth item their eyes glass over and they begin to mentally scan the contents of their fridge to decide what they can have for their tea. Therefore, I will do what I have learnt to do and allow the general public read my preaching rather than listen to it. And I promise that you will thank me.

I mention it frequently, but I am obsessed with the fantastic blog which is written by an amazingly beautiful girl called Joanna – .Joanna Loves – who is from my very own nation of south Wales. After Christmas, she wrote a review of a product that I hadn’t even heard of – Glam Glow Mud. Now it is my turn to join the conga line of bloggers who can’t get enough of this phenomenon, because it is really, really, really worth it.

Many of the reviews I had read about Glam Glow Mud cautioned about the price of the product, which straight from the retailer is £44.99 for a tiny 30ml container. A few of them also warned about the stinging that it caused the skin, but after finding the genuine product on Amazon for £35 I decided to buy it anyway. I am a huge lover of face masks, even if it is just to pretend I’m spending the night in a romantic comedy with cucumber over my eyes and toe separators adorning my perfectly pedicured feet, so it was only a matter of time (plus my nan gave me £50 for Christmas and I had promised myself it would go towards something productive like my mortgage or a holiday and I recently and conveniently added face masks into the ‘productive’ category).


Once I received the product, I sat down for a rather long and unexpected game of solo pass-the-parcel; I feel as though the manufacturers may have had an infatuation with Russian nesting dolls because once I had peeled away layer after layer of white packaging/future ozone layer, I had reached my tiny little pot of hope. Let me tell you, it was worth the strain, because Glam Glow Mud is amazing. You literally see every single pore and blackhead on your face as the mask dries, something which I couldn’t wait to run around the house showing everyone to inspect, much to their dissatisfaction. I didn’t feel any stinging at all and I usually have quite sensitive skin (but don’t take my word for it if your skin peels off when you remove it, I’m not a practitioner, just a feeble English student) and once I removed it my skin was visibly clearer and smoother. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who finds their skin any less than perfect, it clears up all blemishes, particularly blackheads.


The official site for Glam Glow is and I tested the GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment. I have not been paid for this article and all views are my own.

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