acne skin treatment – week 2.

by Lucy Anne Lawton

It is our second treatment and all is going well with the home care routine. It takes a little more time in the morning than usual but already we can see results. This is unusual so early on as we were told by Denise that in fact the condition often gets worse before it improves as the bacteria that is impacted in the follicle is released and pushed to the surface. We weren’t expecting this. The back of the neck is considerably clearer than it was before we began treatment.

backrightbackleft week oneback treat 2.1back treat 2.2

The skin is flatter, smoother and infection seems a lot calmer at the back. The front is proving to be more stubborn, and has come to the surface as we were told to expect.

image (1)

Today Denise took a different approach on assessment of the skin. Happy with the progress of the back, she used a green peel on the front this time which was massaged in to the skin and timed. This stung a little but we were pre warned about the pain and knew what to expect.

image (2)                    image

After treatment Denise revised the length between appointments. With the skin responding well it was now advised to keep them up once a week to really work on the impaction around the front. We are looking forward to the next treatment!

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