why you’re unfaithful.

by Sian Siviter

Sometimes, I can understand and even sympathize with people who are unfaithful to their partners in a sexual sense. If your partner – who although you love dearly and share a life and a connection with – neglects you in regards to sexual activity, or doesn’t make you feel confident and sexy and wanted, then its plausible that running into the arms of someone else who will make you feel these things is an inevitability. What some individuals agree with? Honour? Love and respect for their partner? Morals? Or just fear of the unknown? Sex seems to be separate from love; the two can undoubtedly be connected and come from each other and support each other but not always. Sometimes sex is just an act of selfish gratification. Everyone wants to be desirable and wanted, no one wants to feel like a routine part of the system, they want to feel like someone needs sexual satisfaction as much as them, but not just with anyone or on their own, but with them. You want to be wanted. When someone who’s not acting as part of the routine system shows interest it’s flattering, when talking turns to flirting it’s fun, and when you know someone wants to get into your knickers its exciting. They’ll do or say anything to get you into bed, you know the reality of it but it feels great because you’re no longer that old shoe that’s as much of a favourite as worn in, you’re suddenly a new vibrant sexy pair of red that’s daring and irresistible


Who can blame someone for falling into infidelity when the person in question feels neglected and frankly boring? Not for one moment do I intend the point of this piece to condone ‘cheating’; the point I am trying to make is that if you treat your woman like a worn in shoe who you’ve tried and now tucked into the wardrobe to be remembered when necessary, then don’t be surprised if when someone comes along and offers to take them out and make them feel cherished and sexy again they go, and don’t come back. It’s when the offers are there that it’s very hard to resist sexual excitement and flattery in favour of love and stability. I’m just saying, we women shave our legs and everything in between for you, the least you could do is act like you appreciate it and want us. 

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