green people organics volumising mascara.

by Danielle Kent 

What am I going to do with the endless hours I have spent scouring the ingredients lists of multiple items in hundreds of shops to ensure that they are made with over 75% organics products now that organics month is over?! Continue, of course! I have finally completed one whole month of using nothing but organic beauty products, and it has completely converted me. 

As you know, as part of my campaign to find out whether or not organic beauty products are worth the extra money and extra hassle, I have been working in conjunction with Green People Organics who were kind enough to send me their organic volumising mascara as well as a selection of other products which would form our giveaway programme. I am extremely captious when it comes to mascara and there are many brands that are hugely favored among both beauty experts and my own friends, such as Benefit’s They’re Real mascara, which, I hated. 

I was really excited to receive my new mascara from Green People, although I was quite dubious. I was really keen to immerse myself into the world of organic skincare and hair care products but I couldn’t understand how an item of make-up was going to work as well if it was created from all natural ingredients. The lovely Amy from Green People told me that generic shop-bought mascaras actually contain a high level of alcohol, which dry out your eyelashes and in turn stunt their growth and make them more likely to fall out. This seemed believable and seeing as I had committed myself to using nothing but organic products I was excited and hopeful that she was right when she said that her eyelashes had almost doubled in length since she had been using the product. 



The first time I used the mascara, I was first impressed with the wand itself because I like stiff, plastic wands that easily fit between your eyelashes, leaving them evenly coated and defined. The bristles are very thin which means that your eyelashes don’t get stuck together – however the mascara itself is also not clumpy at all which adds to the defined affect. For the first few uses I knew that I liked the mascara but I wasn’t blown away, but then again I have never found a mascara which has made a massive difference to my eyelashes which are naturally long but extremely straight and fair. 

After the first week, I was beginning to receive compliments about how long my eyelashes were, and I was putting it all down to my new mascara. Unlike non-organic mascaras, Green People mascara is made up of 98% natural ingredients including vitamin E, organic beeswax and sunflower oil, all of which condition your eyelashes in the same way that an organic conditioner would condition your hair. In essence, the mascara has two functions – not only does it colour, volumise and lengthen your eyelashes when you are wearing it, it also promotes the growth and strength of your eyelashes so that they stay healthy and are soon clearly longer and thicker. If I had to find any disadvantages of this mascara, it would be purely that I feel it works more as a lengthening mascara than a volumising one while you are wearing it – it definitely gives a more natural look, probably because it doesn’t stick any of your eyelashes together unlike many non-organic mascaras. 

Thank you so much to Green People Organics for their cooperation during Cora’s organics month! We have really enjoyed working with you and are extremely grateful for all of your amazing products that you have given us the opportunity to try out! Also, thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway and congratulations to Amy Mitchell, Amy Trent and Nayyad Asu-Usmun who were the lucky winners! 

2 thoughts on “green people organics volumising mascara.

  1. Good review 🙂

    I don’t wear mascara but would definitely opt for a natural variety (though vegan friendly) if I did. I’ve come across many older women who’ve felt that using mascara over their lies had deteriorated their eyesight and I’mnot surprised since the lashes are there to keep things out of the eyes but mascara is in constant contact with them even if waterproof. Plus there’s many with allergic reactions and then of course the hidden threats like mercury.

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