organics month – two weeks in.

by Danielle Kent 

Yay! I’m two weeks into my self-inflicted organics month, in partnership with Green People Organics, and my skin has never looked better. I’m going on holiday tomorrow with only hand luggage – and I’ve decided to forgo make-up altogether to make room for clothes.

Honestly, I had my doubts when I began this scheme. If all we need to keep our skin looking clear and young is some natural oil and herbs, why doesn’t everyone look like Miranda Kerr? However, since speaking with Amy at Green People, I have gained a better understanding of how our skin works, and frankly, it is frightening. How is it possible that I have spent years slathering what is considered to be a high-end moisturiser on my face, just for it to be completely transformed in two weeks by a product that contains little more than sunflower oil and black willow. Amy told me that the reason for this was that most high-street moisturisers rely on chemicals that essentially smooth the top layer of the skin, without doing very much else beneath the top layer. Considering that three-quarters of what we put onto our skin are absorbed into our blood (remember your parents telling you not to draw on your hands? That’s why) it is really important to limit the amount of chemicals that ends up in your blood stream.


Two weeks in with no-make up on

Of course, I haven’t become a complete convert – and Aussie hair products are still my number one. Saying that, Lush’s ‘Roots’ hair treatment works amazingly well and my hair genuinely has never felt so thick. Two years ago, my hair was shaved off, so I’m lucky that it has grown back at all! I have cheated slightly because ‘Roots’ does contain some synthetic ingredients, however it is largely made-up of a mixture of mint oils. It feels amazing on your head (you apply it for ten minutes onto dry hair before you wash it) because it is so cold and tingly.

I can’t wait to give you my complete review and show you my final photos at the end of the month! Don’t forget to enter my organic beauty products competition, courtesy of Green People Organics, at

Cora Magazine are working in conjunction with Green People Organic Skincare to promote the benefits of organic beauty products. To celebrate, we are giving away THREE sets of Green People’s Skin Essentials package. To enter, click here.

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