kan nsuromba.

by Danielle Kent

If no one knows whether a tree makes a sound if it falls and no one is there to hear it, I also wonder whether if something happens and no one is there to witness it, did it actually happen? What is the difference between reality and imagination if there is no proof that the reality wasn’t imagined?

I don’t know what made me decide to walk down to the beach, because I had never walked down there alone before, but my mind had accepted that no matter how much I convinced myself otherwise, this would be the last time that I would ever be able to. There was never a dusk; there was no disparity between day and night. The sun would dazzle my eyes and I would have to blink heavily to shield them, just to open my eyes and be forced to question whether they were actually open or not. The Cape Coast waves are extremely fierce, the sand is like the catalyst between the exceptionally relaxed nature of the land and the wild grey ocean that foams at the mouth like a rabid dog. I remember sitting there in silence, trying to focus on the distant point where the sea ends and the sky begins. Above the horizon are the clearest stars that you could ever see, they are the stars of Disney films, they made me feel like I was closer to the sky than anyone else in the world.

How do I know that that moment was real and it wasn’t part of a dream that I partially remember but can’t completely grasp? I remember every second of that night, but I was on my own, I have no one to discuss it with, I have no photographs, so how do I know that it wasn’t imagined if I have no evidence to convince myself otherwise?




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