acne skin treatment – week one.

by Lucy Anne Lawton 

My partner has suffered with adult acne since the age of 19. Presenting itself around the neck, hairline and jawline it flares up every so often becoming painful, infected and angry. He had tried almost every treatment going – acne creams, face scrubs, antibiotics, even dermatologist advice – which was to recommend  a course of Roaccutane; the last resort antibiotic linked with mental health problems in BBC 3′s documentary of December 2012 ‘Dying for Clear Skin’

Not wanting to take the Roaccutane medication, my partner felt defeated and began to give up hope. Seeing his frustration and discomfort, I remembered a friend’s recommendation of a skin clinic she was using which treated acne, amongst other conditions. I showed him the website  and a preview video  and he agreed to go for a consultation in a final attempt at a solution.

Improve Your Skin is situated in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.

shopfront (1)

Denise Evans gave a full and thorough consultaion explaining the cost, the process and the after care involved. We learned that his acne was caused by Folliculitis – something which neither the doctor nor dermatologist had ever explained or diagnosed – and that after the initial course of treatments prescribed by Denise it was adviseable to continue the routine at home with the relevant skin care products, and a visit to the clinic once a month for the first six months. Denise was positive we would see great results and we were confident enough to go ahead with treatments.

The area affected before treatment began

frontleft frontright backleft backright

Denise used a combination of Green Peel and Alkaline wash treatments to release the bacterial impaction in the follicles. Painful but bearable, the product was massaged in to the area and carefully timed before removing. She then applied a repairing mask and a more relaxing treatment of light therapy for twenty minutes.

alkaline wash

After Light Therapy Denise prescribed the relevant home-care products tailored to his treatment plan from THE ACU-SYTEM by Danne Montague-King . I will follow his treatment every two weeks and post pictures of the results for those with similar problems who may be considering which skin treatments to try; and more importantly – which ones work. Fingers crossed!

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2 thoughts on “acne skin treatment – week one.

  1. I recommend 1 glass of aloe Vera juice every morning until condition subsides.also the link above will direct you to a website distributing organic skin and hair care products.good luck

    Simple Beauty.Simply Organic

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