who’s a sucker for product placement?

by Danielle Kent

Advertising makes the world go round, so here are my top videos that have made the world go round in 2013:

6. Despicable Me 2 – Trailer 

I didn’t know whether I was peeing myself from excitement or fear but WHO CARES there was a second Despicable Me!

5. FIFA 14 – We Are FIFA 14

Just look at Javier Hernandez and Gareth Bale getting on like a house on fire!  Their little excited windswept faces melted my heart more than anything  John Lewis’ bear and hare can throw at me. I admit that the appearance of erm, Drake of all people took the appeal away a little, but then right at the end they save it with Lionel Messi driving his little van looking like the accountant he was always destined to be.

4. IKEA – One Room Paradise 

As if IKEA wasn’t fun enough already, they then go and throw in Aretha Franklin.

3. EE – Conga 

I accept that I’m probably on my own with this one because everyone else seems to find it horrendously annoying. I, on the other hand, walk around my house before abruptly stopping and yelling ‘LET’S STICK THIS CONGA IN REVERSE.’

2. Sainsbury’s – Christmas Advert 2013; Homecoming

Has had me in tears every single time I’ve watched it, Sainsbury’s really know how to pull on the heartstrings and guilt-trip me into shopping there (plus, I have a Nectar card so it only makes sense).

1. Three – The Pony #DancePonyDance

Without a doubt my favourite advert of the year – ‘never underestimate the power of a plucky little pony.’ I apologize for prioritizing a dancing pony over three children getting their father back from the army in time for Christmas.



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