why footballers wages are justified.

by Marcus Jones

Time and time again people ask the question, ‘why is he getting paid £150,000 a week to run around a pitch and kick a ball?’

Initially this seems completely ridiculous, but there is a great deal more to it than this.
Quite often the wages of a professional footballer is compared to that of a soldier, with many people suggesting that it is completely wrong.


Now not one part of me believes that the likes of Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi deserve the money they get, but who is to blame for this?

British soldiers can earn as little as around £12,000 a year, which considering they are putting their lives on the line to fight for their country to keep us safe is completely unjustified.

However, the comparison between the money earned by soldiers and footballers cannot be made.

In regards to soldiers, their wages come from our taxes. The majority of us are happy to part with some of what we earn to give to those who keep us safe.

This money must be paid as it is a compulsory measure.

Alternatively, we do not have to spend a single penny on football. It is our choice collectively to purchase club merchandise and tickets.

Take Manchester United for example. The Red Devils are one of, if not the, biggest club in world football. As well as this, they are one of the biggest brands worldwide. Because of this, United attract the biggest players in the world and along with them comes mega-money wage demands.

At this current time, Manchester United’s highest earners are paid in excess of £200,000 per week, all for kicking a ball around a pitch for 90 minutes.

There is absolutely no way that they deserves this kind of money, but they get it because we choose to give it to them. We choose to buy Manchester United’s new home shirt every season. We choose to buy a £950 season ticket.

And it’s because of our free will to spend the amount of money as we do on football that little argument can be made for there to be a change.

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