the muslim issue.

by Danielle Kent

As part of research for my post, I searched for the name of Friniggi, a company that creates sports clothes that are appropriate for Muslim girls and women to work out in comfortably without compromising their beliefs. My view was that this was a brilliant idea that should be supported; therefore I was going to include it in my list. However, instead of finding the company I was looking for, I clicked on an (undisclosed, but the clue is in the title) website which I thought was in buttress of Islam.  It was confusing that all of the facts on the website seemed to refute themselves, and I eventually realised to my abhorrence that the page I was on was in fact an appurtenant for Islamophobia.


Don’t get me wrong, as much as it defies my comprehension, I am aware that there is a heavy stigma attached to Islam as a religion. I am also aware that this stigma more often than not is a result of a lack of education and cognisance. Yet, from reading this website, it has become blindingly obvious to me that there are some collections of people in society who are clinging on to this stigma for dear life, for fear of what they will do if this is taken away from them. God forbid they have to accept that not believing in the Qur’an doesn’t actually make their race any better than the Islamic one; God forbid they have to acknowledge the patently obvious fact that being Muslim doesn’t immediately quantify a credence for terrorist attacks in the same way that being Catholic doesn’t constitute paedophilic behaviour towards underage boys. This extreme minorityobviously gets reported on because what else will the newspapers have to say? ‘African man cuts his front lawn on a Monday afternoon’; ‘white woman buys a pair of shoes before pay day!’; obviously not – they are there to chronicle the shocking and the unlikely, not the things that you could just as easily find out by looking outside your living room window.

‘Non-Spanish Muslim prison population is rapidly increasing in Spain’; ‘Muslim protection is costing the UK $18 billion a year’ – both of these supposed ‘facts’ are both displayed on the website. Excellent, but I’m concerned that they failed to mention that the reason that the Muslim prison population in Spain is increasing is because the prison population is increasing in general. What I found more interesting was the fact that the UK is spending $18 billion a year protecting Muslims. Perhaps if people like this stopped conducting such extreme hatred towards the Islamic society then there would be no need for such an extreme protection system. The rationale behind this kind of Islamophobia is ludicrously futile, to the point where it beggars belief how anybody can take it seriously.

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