the bite isn’t worth the bark.

by Danielle Kent


The mere notion of placing live animals into vats of boiling water, or burning them alive with a blow torch sounds like something from a horror film. However, it is in fact part of everyday life in some parts of the world such as China and Korea.

These countries use this tortuous cooking method because they believe that it produces the best taste; as such, the adrenaline released into the bodies of these animals as a result of the fear and excruciating pain they are forced to endure is supposed to create better meals.


I’m not a vegetarian, but I do believe that all animals in the food chain should be given the most natural or humane death possible. If I was given the choice between never eating meat again or only eating meat that had come from animals that had been boiled alive, then I would without a doubt never eat meat again.

What is even more shocking to the western society is that the animals that are most commonly subjected to this method of cooking are domestic dogs. Pet dogs that are placed into containers and boiled, slowly and painfully until they finally die and can be eaten.


I am genuinely sorry for featuring these photos on my blog because if you’re anything like me you will feel absolutely horrified and sickened, but sometimes graphically is the only way to help stop procedures like this from continuing.

Please sign Linda Camac’s petition to put an end to this horrendous cruelty at

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