the big o.

by Danielle Kent

What feels amazing, has undeniable health benefits and makes you look awesome? Organic beauty products, of course! But do they really live up to the hype?

If something is classified as ‘organic’, it supposedly means that it contains over 95% natural ingredients. This therefore should mean healthier products for you as well as being better for the environment. Many people are discouraged from buying into the organic market because the prices are often extortionately higher than the standard brands that don’t boast such an eco-friendly ethos. However, how is it possible that organic beauty products could potentially be up to 50% more expensive than the non-organic counterpart when the sources are apparently not paying for any kind of chemicals to be incorporated into their products?


Well, the answer is quite simply that better ingredients cost more money. The companies have to pay higher prices for natural ingredients and this is reflected in the resulting cost. It would probably be more concerning if the enhanced quality products that you had started to buy cost less than your original high-street option!

The extent to which organic products are a superior choice is unclear – some sources swear by them, whereas some consider them a waste of money. Yet from extensive research, it appears that the issue isn’t whether or not organic brands are healthier for you, it is whether the organic brands you are buying into are as ‘organic’ as they allege to be.

It has been revealed that 100,000 tonnes of man-made chemicals were produced forthe manufacture of so-called ‘organic’ produce last year alone. This figure doesn’t comply with the definition of the term ‘organic’ and creates doubt regarding the efficiency and genuineness of the organic products on the market. There appears to be only one simple answer; if you are serious about converting to a more organic lifestyle, smaller retailers are the most reliable option. Many smaller companies provide the consumer with a back story, detailing why they decided to create and vend organic produce, as well as meticulous lists detailing where their ingredients come from. Due to this, at least you know exactly what you are paying for. 

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