don’t be that girl.

by Danielle Kent

It is an opinion that has proved unpopular, so don’t condemn me for putting it out there that I love Samantha Brick. I’m all for the sisterhood, and after hearing her life story (numerous times, I concede), I don’t know what isn’t to love about a woman who has loved, lost, earned, lost, and now lives in a cottage in France writing about how jealous everyone else is of her. For those of you who don’t know, Samantha Brick is a journalist notorious for writing the articleThere are Downsides to Looking This Pretty’: Why Women Hate Me for Being Beautiful. While the nation collected to criticise Brick, I was standing at the back of the mob with my lonely banner, screaming ‘go girl!’ while reciting lyrics from The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (which I’ve never watched and can only assume it’s purpose is to support alliances between women?).


Now I’ve expressed my adulation for Samantha Brick, it would be a good time to interject that this article has basicallynothing to do with her. It is about her latest article for Bella magazine, in which she gives her opinion – in her usual discourteous style – on women who stay friends with their exes. Sinitta (off of Simon Cowell) takes the brunt of Brick’s conjecture, and guess what? I’m totally team Samantha.

I have long been of the belief that if you can remain friends with an ex, you either still love them or you never loved them. Obviously, I’m twenty-one, what do I know? Despite this, from my experience of relationships, I stand by my opinion. My thoughts are that if you don’t love your ex anymore, why would you want to be friends with them? Move on girls, you’re never going to sit down over a coffee and discuss your ex-partner’s latest sexual escapades with someone that used to see you naked. Off the top of my head I can definitely think of conversation topics that would be preferred to ‘my new girlfriend has the best boobs I have ever seen’. Ouch. Save yourselves the hassle of smiling sweetly to disguise your mental turmoil, weighing up the pros and cons of starvation vs. liposuction. Use your time to find someone new that thinks you have the best boobs they have ever seen.


Can you imagine if your current boyfriend or girlfriend was regularly going out for dinner with the person that they used to date? Exactly, you wouldn’t put up with it, don’t be that girl – don’t be the Sinitta of the love triangle (/square/pentagon/tetrahedron – hey, I never commented on how many legitimate partners someone can have, I’m just averse to being the ex-one). Everyone has ‘an ex’, we’re all exes for a reason, let’s keep it that way.


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