breast cancer awareness month.

by Danielle Kent

How great are boobs? It doesn’t matter what shape, what size, boobs are sexy. What else shows femininity better than a pair of breasts (besides a vagina, but there’s a reason why page three isn’t dedicated to a lady’s nether regions)? Men love them, women love them, babies love them – we are a nation brought together by boobs.

ImageSo if there is so much loving for the milk jugs of the homo sapien species, then why aren’t we all rushing to grab a good feel of the nearest ones we can find? Not just because they are sexy, feminine and everyone loves them – but because it could save lives.

One in eight women in the UK will develop breast cancer in their lifetime – almost 12,000 of which will result in death. These stats equate to 55,000 people in the UK being diagnosed with breast cancer each year, a gut-wrenching one person every ten minutes. The good news is that as awareness raises, so do survival rates; early detection is vital.


With this in mind, please make checking your breasts regularly part of your routine, educate your boyfriend or your girlfriend so they can be involved and tell your friends, mothers and even your grandmothers; 80% of breast cancer occurs in women over the age of fifty. Learn how to check your breasts affectively and gain some knowledge – one in one hundred breast cancer sufferers are men (I bet you thought that the appearance of moobs was the biggest of your chest concerns when it came to your man, right?).

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so make the most of it! Access for more information, or perhaps even consider donating or raising money for this incredible cause. Boobs are great, so take care of yours – and remember, think pink!

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